Spotlight on Sherron Donaldson, Equalities Manager

Sherron Donaldson: Equality Manager for BeNCH CRC

Base: Huntingdon, Cambs

Team: Human Resources

Scope: Equalities BeNCH staff and service delivery

Do you have a typical day, or a typical week?  What range of things do you cover?

First thing I check my emails which can come in from many sources.  These might include members of staff asking for some advice, guidance and support.  Or they might be coming from external organisations that I contribute to, for example a public sector network for Equality Managers that I attend which involves other agencies such as the Police , Local authorities, Housing, … Read more

I want to be here, I need to be here

Richard Grant is a Probation Officer in Northampton and talks about his career, his job and how someone believed in him as a teenager.

When Probation Officer Richard Grant was studying for his A’ Levels, he never realised the long lasting impact his tutor would have on him. It was Miss Ranson who unexpectedly knocked on his door one Christmas Eve to make sure Richard was working hard to hand in his assignment on time at the start of the next term. She had recognised his potential arguably more than Richard himself, and she wanted him to go to University.… Read more

First 100 Days of BeNCH

IMG_1432We are proud of our first 100 days in BeNCH CRC and we’ve got off to a good start. It has been a busy time for everyone in making adjustments, getting used to new ways of working and establishing ourselves as a new organisation with a clear job to do.

There are numerous achievements throughout BeNCH CRC which are not listed here but have taken place in local teams. These are just some of the things we have accomplished in our first 100 days:


  • Produced a comprehensive business plan that was consulted on by hundreds of staff and
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Centre Manager talks about Service User engagement

Eunice De Castro, Centre Manager in Watford, talks to Doug Hook about her work with Service Users

Tell me about your role – what is a Centre Manager?

My role as Centre Manager is to line manage Admin colleagues within the CRC, I have overall responsibilities for Petty Cash, banking, record keeping, Health & Safety – implementing actions from assessments, ordering equipment that is needed, facilities, building issues etc.

Locally I also manage Service User Travel, Reception as well as setting up processes and being involved in Projects like the Revolving Doors Project and Service User Projects.

Okay, so how Read more

Service users paid back and invited again

During the summer of 2013 community payback teams undertook work to reclaim a path that had historically provided a cross-country access route to the river and local pub in Sutton Gault, near Ely in Cambridgeshire. The pathway had been buried under layers of soil and dense undergrowth over a period of more than 40 years.

Local Highway Officer, Pam Joyce, contacted Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Probation Trust to undertake the work that was overseen by community payback supervisor, Dave Ansell. The work involved clearing undergrowth and laying recycled road plainings to create a rough walking path, taking foot traffic off a … Read more

New Chief Executive Appointed

Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Community Rehabilitation Company (BeNCH CRC) has appointed Neil Moloney as its new Chief Executive.
Neil joins from West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company, where he was Director of Operations, and takes over from Tessa Webb.

Originally from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, Neil studied Sociology at Birmingham University and worked as a residential officer in a voluntary Hostel. After seven years at the Hostel, he returned to Birmingham University in 1993 to take up Probation studies.

On qualifying as a Probation Officer, he joined Warwickshire Probation Service in 1995 and then West Yorkshire Probation in 2001 where he … Read more