Changing Lives Together – what’s behind it?

Our strapline and how it started
Sometimes people ask about our strapline and why it was chosen. The story started in the early days of BeNCH CRC with staff development events taking place and the idea of a strapline was launched.

IMG_4338CEO Neil Moloney said right from the start he wanted all of his teams to have a chance at contributing suggestions. Over the following few weeks many suggestions came in, almost 100 in fact.

When it came to choosing the strapline, this was done in two stages. Firstly a small group of staff met to agree a short list; this proved a difficult task as there were so many excellent suggestions. Eventually six straplines were short listed, each were very good and, in some way, each one captured our vision of being a leading provider of innovative justice services which change people’s lives.

Talking to our service users
The final stage was asking two groups of service users to make the final choice. One group was a number of women who were taking part in a group activity and they were delighted to meet the CEO as he explained how we valued their thoughts on the short list. The next group were some Community Payback workers, just before they set off for their day’s work.

The unanimous view of the service users was ‘Changing Lives Together’. In the discussions with service users, positive comments were made about BeNCH staff working with service users and supporting them to resolve problems and difficulties so they could stay crime free in the future.

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