Police & Crime Commissioners hosted a conference

Neil Moloney at PCC conference, July 2015

The Police & Crime Commissioners hosted a conference which has provided a real focus for all the stakeholders to continue working closely with each other. The four Police and Crime Commissioners for Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire (and covering the BeNCH area) jointly hosted an important conference aimed at reducing offending and reoffending on Friday 24 July. The conference was attended by over 100 professionals from across the four counties who work together in reducing crime in local communities.
During the day, delegates discussed how to coordinate activity between partners in dealing with repeat offenders and their families, the role of Restorative Justice in the rehabilitation process and how individuals are managed and supported on release from prison.

Conference delegates shared good practice and plans to further improve the work carried out through the multi-agency Integrated Offender Management schemes. These highly successful schemes aim to tackle high volume crimes, such as shop lifting and burglaries.

Neil Moloney CEO of BeNCH Community Rehabilitation Company, said “Prisoners who serve short sentences have often been vulnerable to reoffending. Following a change in legislation we are now working hard to support this group to ensure crime reduces even further in our local communities”.

Speaking on behalf of the four Police and Crime Commissioners, Sir Graham Bright, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire said, “When the Ministry of Justice published its strategy for transforming rehabilitation the four Commissioners quickly recognised that by working together we could be ambitious and take advantage of the opportunities brought by the changes.

By looking across the four counties we have the opportunity to learn from each other, to look at a bigger picture of how the system could work better and to have a louder voice in unblocking national barriers that get in the way”.

We believe we can, and should, be bold in our thinking. Together we have a lot to offer.”

Immediately after the conference, the first meeting of the Reducing Offending Board took place and gave its full support to BeNCH CRC in achieving its objectives and reiterated an initial focus on IOM and Through the Gate services.

Ali Hancock (BeNCH Director of Operations and Reducing Reoffending) also added “there was a sensible recognition that we have a great deal of work to do and together we can make some real progress in these priority areas of work”.

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