Service User survey

In May 2015 BeNCH CRC conducted a survey amongst a sample of Service Users which shows some very encouraging results. The survey was mirrored in each of the other Community Rehabilitation Companies through England and Wales who all carried out identical surveys at the same time.

In BeNCH CRC 487 service users were asked to give their opinions and point of view on their time being managed by us. The sample of service users was a good cross section of the total caseload with each of our 14 offices taking part. We took care to ensure the balance was right amongst men and women, different age groups, gender and other personal identities.

Many questions were asked, ranging from asking about the relationship between the Service User and our staff, through to asking about the content of the meeting between a Probation Officer and the individual Service User.

Amongst the results there are some examples of very encouraging feedback, including:

88% said they “get on well with their Probation Officer”
83% said they “were always given the reasons behind decisions”
85% said their “Probation Officer was always interested to hear what I have to say”

Neil Moloney CEO said “we are very encouraged by these results” and added “this is a reminder of why the right relationship between Probation staff and Service Users is so important. We are more likely to see Service Users desist from offending in the future if we get the relationship right with our Service Users”.

BeNCH CRC has performed well in being placed 8th out of the 21 CRCs and this survey will be treated as a benchmark for future surveys.

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