Supporting service users into work

Service Users gaining employment is often a major step in the rehabilitation journey. Here we share the story of one of our service users who was helped by Paul Churchill, his Probation Officer. Amongst other things, Paul even lent some of his own clothes for his service user to attend an interview!

Here’s the story. Sam was released from custody earlier this year, having previously been recalled to prison. Given his extensive history of offending, Sam was then managed by one of the Integrated Offender Management schemes in Cambs. This is a multi agency team bringing staff from BeNCH, Police and others together for some very effective work.

The factors causing Sam to offend were alcohol, drugs and feelings of low self worth. He also had a background of being disrupted in his childhood and being placed in care.

Paul Churchill’s work included the intensive supervision of Sam and made sure his motivation was right to attended every appointment, which included his drug treatment. Sam was also referred to a local training provider who helped him prepare for work. At the same time Sam was helped into new accommodation, not far from the training provider and this has provided him with a ‘home’ and some much needed stability.

Amongst Paul Churchill’s duties as a Probation Officer, was to arrange for regular drug testing and happily these were negative, showing how Sam was drug free. Getting to this stage was a very positive achievement. Sam flourished at the training provider and he was encouraged to start applying for jobs.

Before long, Sam was asked to attend an interview with a prospective employer and then called Paul Churchill as he was in a panic as he had nothing presentable to wear.

“Don’t worry!” Paul Churchill reassured him, as he straightaway went home to find a suit and shirt he could lend to Sam. It paid off, Sam was fortunate in being offered a job!

Later Paul Churchill said “imagine his joy when he was told he had been successful. Sam is in his early 30s and this was the first paid job he’d ever had”.

Since Sam gained his job a few months ago, Paul Churchill still manages him and reports Sam is still doing well in his new job and enjoying it!

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