Thank you from Kimpton Primary School

Every Sunday for the last year, some dedicated work has been completed by Community Payback workers at Kimpton Primary School in Hertfordshire. The work has involved painting the interior of the school and carrying out some exterior work as well. Recently we have received this letter from the school:

Dear Karen, Linda and Robin
Thank you so much to you and all the workers who carried out the decorating project at Kimpton Primary School. We are absolutely delighted that our school now looks so fresh and clean. It is a real tribute to you that you are able to produce work of such good quality with a workforce that varies week by week.
We know that, by now, many of the workers will have completed their payback but please pass on our thanks and best wishes for the future to any who are still with you.
Please feel free to pass on our contact details to any future beneficiaries who would like to know about the work you did for us. We will be happy to provide an endorsement of the quality of your work and reliability of your service.

With our thanks and best wishes

The children and staff of Kimpton Primary School

Karen Harding, Community Payback Project Manager said “This is a nice rural project and where the whole community has benefitted. Community Payback workers have completed the work using paint and materials provided by the school, under the watchful eye of our supervisors Linda Clayden and Robin Oakley”.

Community Payback is a sentence by the Court. It maybe imposed for any imprisonable offence (apart from murder) and may range from 40 to 300 hours of unpaid work in the local community. Community Payback workers may have either a ‘stand-alone’ sentence or as part of a package of other interventions.

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