Service users

Below is general information relevant for Service Users. For more information about the terms of your Court Order or Prison Licence, please speak to your Officer. Please remember we are here to help you through the Court Order or Prison Licence so that you do not offend again in the future -

What you can expect of us

  • You will be supervised by a named Probation Service Officer or a Probation Officer. You will be given their name and contact details at the earliest opportunity
  • Your Officer will give you clear instructions about appointments and other things you may be expected to do
  • We will refer your case to our colleagues in the National Probation Service if we believe you are in breach of your Order or Licence. The National Probation Service may take action to return you to Court or Prison
  • If we consider your risk of offending, or harm to others, is increasing we will make arrangements for your case to be transferred to the National Probation Service
  • In some circumstances we can help with the cost of traveling to attend appointments
  • We will involve you in writing the Sentence Plan and review this with you from time to time
  • When you arrive on time for your appointment, we will see you at the agreed time or, very exceptionally, make an alternative arrangement
  • We will be courteous and respectful towards you
  • We will treat you fairly and where necessary explain the reasons for some decisions

What we expect of you

  • You must seek permission from your Officer or the Court before changing your address
  • You must be open and co-operative with your Officer, always tell us if your circumstances are changing
  • You must inform your Officer if you have been arrested by the Police
  • You must attend all appointments we give you (including appointments with your Officer, Programmes or appointments with any of our colleagues or Partners)
  • You must attend free from the effects of alcohol or drugs
  • You must remember we expect good behaviour from all Service Users; we will not tolerate any aggressive, abusive or disrespectful behaviour shown to any member of staff, Partners or other Service Users
  • Co-operate with drug testing requirements
  • Follow any directions or instructions given to you by your Officer

Publications for Service Users

The following leaflets are applicable to all Service Users being

Managed by BeNCH CRC / National Probation Service (NPS)

NPS01 – What is Probation
NPS02 – Your Community Sentence
NPS03 – Victim Contact Scheme
Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014: Information for Service Users Feb 2015
ORA poster Feb 2015
Access to your records -
Guidance on how to access your records is explained in this leaflet – Data Protection Leaflet for Service Users
Making a complaint – Getting it right is important to us
BeNCH CRC works to high standards and we hope this is reflected in how we work with you, but if you are unhappy with our service, please read this document to find out how to make a complaint
Other relevant publications:


Diversity Statement

We have produced a Equalities and Diversity Leaflet which gives details of how we can take your needs into account and support you – Equality & Diversity Leaflet

How to Make a Complaint

Service User involvement

Training peer mentors to work with our Service Users

Training peer mentors to work with our Service Users for extra support and mentoring

Service User groups are “round table” meetings where we value the feedback and views of our Service Users. These meetings are normally led by a Manager in a local Probation Centre. We would like to expand the number of Service User groups, so if you are interested please ask for more information from your Officer.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are volunteer Mentors who have a criminal record and have been sentenced to a Community Sentence or served a custodial sentence in the past. Some may have been fined.  We recognise and value how Peer mentors can have a unique part to play in supporting our Service Users as they progress through their Community Sentence or Prison Licence.

Peer Mentors go through exactly the same application process and training course as everyone else.  Everyone has to complete a DBS check and your record will be discussed confidentially with you. Additionally there is always a gap between completing your supervision with us and being able to start a training course.

Being a Peer Mentor can be demanding and yet it can be incredibly rewarding.  In parts of BeNCH CRC we work in partnership with SOVA who recruit and train Mentors for us.  If you’re interested, please click here to contact Sova to have an informal discussion and find out more information.