What we do

Our principle task is to reduce reoffending and make our communities safer. We do this by working with the Service Users as they progress through their Sentence Plan which means they do everything required by the Court or their Prison Licence.

Every Service User has a named Probation Officer or Probation Service Officer. It’s their job to make sure Service Users are well supported through the sentence or licence. Sometimes Service Users are required to attend one-to-one meetings with their Officer who may also direct them towards various Interventions. Each Intervention is designed to address reasons for offending behaviour and empower Service Users to make positive changes in their lives.

Much of our work with service users serving a Community Penalty will involve a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement with various periods of time required in delivering different elements. See our Quick Guide – Nov 2015.

We deliver a range of Interventions, including:


We are proud to work in partnership with a range of other organisations as we deliver our services; our partners span the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  Our partners include:

Please read our interim BeNCH Supply Chain brochure which contains information on each of our supply chain partners.



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